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In the practice of Feng Shui, the ancient theory of design and placement, AHS Fixtures has combined the soothing effects of water, representing life and good fortune, with the beautifully sculpted craftsmanship of pro-artisans.

The canvas of AHS Fixtures the visual and auditory beauty of rippling water, we introduces to the home, work place or public plaza, the tranquil properties of flowing water and inspiration of artistic creation.

Using a palette of natural and manmade materials as copper, brass, stainless steel, granite, Signature stone, faux panel, acrylic and glass, each uniquely crafed our artist creation captures the spirit and imagination of any inteded environment, complementing it with artistic perspectives in custom design and the life perpetuation qualities of water. AHS Fixtures design pieces offer a wide variety of distinctive aesthetics to enhance any interior living environment. Customized pieces can be specially creatied to accommodate a specific design of architectural design and the life perpetuation qualities of water.

Wall Fountain WWP-615Wall Fountain With Natural Pebble Stone Size: 425mm x 1450mm
AHS Indoor Waterfalls Seng Hup PJAHS Wall Fountains Stadec
WFA-125B contemporary Indoor Floor FountainWFA-125A contemporary Indoor Floor Fountain


AHS Fixtures Company Base in Malaysia, Our main servise are design and fabricate office home & garden decoration items.
As this website display online products are Wall Fountains, Floor Standing Fountains, Tabletop Desktop Fountains, Garden Landscape Water Features & Fountains, Acrylic Bubble Water Features, Indoor Water Wall Features, Oriental Feng Shui Fountains, LED Fountains, Modern Stainless Steel Foutains, Contemporary Glass Fountains,Unique Personalized Wall Fountain, Artificial Sculpture Fountains, Outdoor Fountains Manufactural In Malaysia.
We also distribute interior design combination products for commercial office, residential house and home decoration as gift & premiums for office openning & house warming door gift & souvenir supply items like illuminated Photo Frames Display, Frameless Paintings Wall Clocks, Decorative Wall Stickers, Designer Wall Clocks on coming we carry more lovely products for our best customer & thanks for google support.

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